Sunday, October 24, 2010

communication breakdown

9:06 am

- This is not good? I noticed this past few days, my ability to communicate is going down. I can't even talk straight in normal mode. To think for an average jolly person/man like me, this is strange, some kind of weird to me..hahaha..I don't feel any guilt or whatsoever, I just feel down maybe (sudden flashback) and it's killing me..mmmm..or maybe I better to speak in our own native tongue Tagalog which is I'm so exceptional to that matter..(hahaha pinahihirapan mo kasi ang isip mo eh kaya ka nagkakaganyan)..better read those codes para matuluyan ka na..oh well :D
Best thing my child was calling me right now "come on paps we're getting late to church". Alright then gtg. Go safe!


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