Sunday, May 18, 2008

sunday morning..

I woke up early today, around 5am the rain still falls, after a 3 days stay of typhoon "cosme" the remains of the storm is still see at the sorroundings,the trees all over tumbled down, thank God and nothings had damage that big, then i started to prepare my things in clearing the surroundings, my primary tool is my "gulok" a jungle bolo style that is sharp enough to cut woods that was breakdown by the terrible storm. Then as I starting my work i was thinking about of what is I'm gonna post today , what topic to publish, I was thinking about taking a news in the net of what is happening around here in the country, but i thought maybe it would be better to just sit and let the typing do the talking, I'm not attended church today but I manage my self reading the scriptures and watch a sermon on a television,after a short work outside, then back to clear set things outside the house and now here I am, still thinking good things to say in this web log, ahmm maybe I should share about of what I've read lately in Readers Digest in the last pages is all about "BORN TO BE WILD" and it goes like this : (woooaaa english! hehehe bleeding love! ahaha more practice please?!?)

Two scientists explain why monogamy and biology don't always mix.
Zoologist David Barash and his psychiatrist spouse, Judith Lipton, answer questions about their recent book, The Myth of Monogamy:
Are any animals monogamous?
Barash: Only one species I know of is faithful: a flatworm living in the gills of fish. When two meet, they literally fuse together till death.
Why are animals unfaithful?
Barash: For males, to spread their sperm. For females, to find a partner with better genes.
What surprised you most in your research?
Barash: Female animals mess around.
How did scientist discover this?
Barash: DNA. No matter how faithful a ground squirrel appears, DNA wlill show the offspring often was not fathered by the mate.
Are animals actually jealous?
Barash: Males are notoriously so. Females are jealous too. House sparrows kill the offsping of females mating their husbands.
Lipton: Many besides our own feel competing instincs: to fool around, and to be outraged of your mate does the same.
If monogamy is so rarein nature, is it realistic for people?
Barash: Absolutely. We have the unique ability to know that with monogamy comes trust and love. I won't sleep around and you crazy of you don't.
Lipton: Marry your best friend as well as lover. Don't keep secrets or harbour grudges.-MARY BOONE in People Weekly

*The practice of having sex with only one partner.
*Breeding pattern where mates pair exclusively, either through a breeding season or for life.
*a mating pattern in which males and females are paired one to one for at least one reproductive season usually associated with parental care by both parents
*A closed two person hetro relationship, may be the result of an informed mutual agreement or from not understanding that there are viable options.


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